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Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro features and specification in Kenya

  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Internal Storage: 128 GB
  • Battery:  4700 mAh
  • Main camera: 64 MP+5 MP+13 MP+2 MP
  • Front camera: 20 MP
  • Display: 6.67 inch
  • Processor:  Snapdragon 865
  • Connectivity: Dual sim, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G,  Wi-Fi
  • Colors: Grey, Purple, White, Blue
  • OS: Android 10

KSh 50,500 KSh 55,000

Out of stock

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro in Kenya

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro price in Kenya is around 50,500 shillings for the 128GB + 6GB RAM version. It is Xiaomi’s latest high-spec-low-price contender. The Poco F2 Pro has a Snapdragon 865 processor, which means it also offers 5G support. The 6.67 inch screen is a 1080p AMOLED panel with HDR10+, although it looks like the refresh rate is a standard 60Hz, which puts it out of step with most 2020 flagship phones.

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro specs and price in Kenya

Price Approx. Ksh. 50,500
Camera 64 MP+5 MP+13 MP+2 MP
Selfie 20 MP
Display 6.67 inches
Storage 128GB / 6GB RAM
Chipset Snapdragon 865
O.S Android 10.0
Battery 4700 mAh


So finally, after literally months and months of rumors and expectations and all kinds of shenanigans, POCO has launched the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro smartphone. A proper successor to the original Pocophone F1, which provided a stunning performance on a very restrictive budget. And before we get into it. Yes, as everyone was kind of expects, Poco F2 Pro is the Redmi K30 pro just rebranded. Except of course with a nice bit of the Poco launcher on there instead of the MIUI.

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro Design

So diving into the design first. And you get a nice Corning Gorilla Glass 5 finish front and back, so at least the pocket Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro should prove nice and hardy. You get a simple but reasonably sleek look and finish and it is available in boring old, white and gray, but you do have neon blue or electric purple options if you fancy a bit more color in your life. However, if the hardware is the same as that K30 Pro, then you can expect a serious 218g heft to this thing. But once you dive into the specs. Unsurprisingly the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro delivers as far as performance goes. This is, of course, the area where Poco phone excels compared with a lot of similarly priced rivals.


What you’re getting here is Qualcomm’s top-end premium flagship platform, the Snapdragon 865 which is fun and a lot of super-premium small phones that are twice the price of the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. The most affordable device I’ve seen this in so far this year is the real Realme X50 pro which comes in at around the sort of 55,000 shillings price point. And don’t worry if you plan on passing self-isolation by basically playing pub G mobile all day long because the Poco F2 Pro sports liquid cool technology 2, which offers multi-directional heat dissipation. Ooh, very fancy. Gamers, in general, should be very well cared for by the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. We’ve also got a 180 Hertz touch sampling rate. What that means is every Poco user should instantly recognize on the smartphone.


You’ve got full 5G support and there’s WiFi 6 support in there as well in case you’ve got the latest hardware in your house for a wireless network. And they’ve got two different skews of pocket Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro to choose from. You can either grab a 6-gigabyte model with DDR RAM and 128 gigs of UFS three-point or storage or if you’ve got any more scratched to spend, then you can buy an 8 gigabyte DDR with 256 gigs of UFS 3.1, storage. And both of those models come with the 4700 mAh battery, which should happily see you through a full day of a pretty full-on slog. And that’s even despite the quite demanding and hardware.


We love that 6.67 inch AMOLED display. Especially the fact that there is no notch or pinhole camera action on there. You’re going to pop up selfie cameras. I mean I haven’t seen in a little while. It was great to see very cute indeed. You get a Full-HD+ resolution, same as many rivals around this sort of price point. You do have full HDR 10+, which is great to hear and that’s supported by the likes of Netflix and Amazon prime video for some nice natural looking and colors and strong contrast. There was no express mention of the refresh rates. (OnePlus 8 Pro)

Refresh rate

However, in the launch, so you can assume it’s just got the standard 60 Hertz refresh instead of a boosted 90 Hertz for a more silky smooth experience. Shouldn’t be any problem with visibility though. Even on a super bright summery day because it reaches 1,200 nits on that peak brightness level. I knew it was to get a fingerprint sensor actually built it into the split itself as well and hopefully a nice bit of face recognition even though it’s got that popup selfie camera. While there was no mention of the actual speakers on the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro. But in better news, you do get these get support for super Bluetooth on a nice bit of headphone Jack action around the Poco F2 Pro as well. (Oppo Find X2 Pro)

Right now, one of the only real differences between the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro and that read Redmi K30 pro is the fact that of course, you get the POCO launcher 2.0. That’s instead of MIUI launcher which is found on the Redmi handset. That’s great news for anyone who likes the nice stock, a version of Android, you’ll get under a 10 of course here on the pocket Poco F2 Pro. And you will love the Poco launcher. You can go and download it right now for your Android handset and give it a go. It’s a nice clean stock version of Android with some great customization options. In there are a few little tweaks that are quite nifty. The more good news is you do get NFC support here on the Poco F2 Pro for your contact-less payments.

Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro Cameras

Now last up is the camera tech. And the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro uses a quad lens set up. On the back, you get a 64-megapixel primary lens using Sony’s IMX 686 sensor. That’s a natural success. It’s the annex five it’s X, which of course proved very popular indeed. You also get a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 5-megapixel tele-macro lens, which looks like a slightly posher way of seeing a macro lens. It can be used to capture some intricate up-close detail of a subject from a very small distance.

Certainly, the examples they gave in the launch were very impressive indeed. It will be interesting to see how well it cops in the real world. And last up in that quad lens setup up a basic 2-megapixel depth sensor for your portrait shots. And Poco phone also announced that the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro will be able to shoot up to 8K resolution horror movies as well. Although they didn’t see if there was any kind of time limit involved in that. I’m guessing be able to get a few minutes of footage at most. Before I forget, of course, that 20-megapixel pop-up selfie camera as well. It can be used to shoot some nice crisp videos. And a slow-motion video as well. So we’ll be looking for that, testing that out for all of the Instagram action.


In the launch, the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro phone was comparing it with the Galaxy S20 Plus and it came out quite favorably. Although they work apparently to the Exodus version of the Samsung phone, which is hardly is fair. As for the charge fairly impressive. It’s 30W, 100% in 63 min. So you don’t get this super-fast 65-watt charging of something like the recent Apple smartphones or the Realme.

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