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Infinix Phones and Prices in Kenya

Infinix brand has grown in leaps and bounds to become a household mobile phone brand in Kenya. Formed in 2013 by Transsion Holdings in China, Infinix become a leading brand across the world, and in Kenya. Infinix, a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings developed the XOS (an Android-based operating system for Infinix mobile phones.

XOS allows a wide range of user customizations without the need to root the mobile device. Introduced in 2016, XOS comes along with utility applications that allow you to protect your privacy, enhance user experience, and improve speed and efficiency. The latest XOS released by Infinix is 13.0 in May 2023, preceded by the 12.6 version.

Infinix has been on an ambitious, aggressive upward trajectory to capture and dominate the budget and mid-range mobile phone market in Kenya and across Africa. Infinix mobile phones are characterized by:

  • Large-capacity long-lasting batteries
  • Decent cameras for taking awesome pictures and video recordings
  • Stylishly designed handsets with attractive aesthetics.
  • XOS which helps enhance user experience
  • Readily available accessories
  • Affordability in terms of price.
  • After-sales support for repair and replacements.

Infinix Smartphones

Some of the most popular Infinix phones in Kenya include:

  • The Infinix Note Series: Note 30 VIP, Note 30 Pro, Note 12 VIP, Note 30
  • The Infinix Zero Series: Zero Ultra, Zero 20 4G, Zero Ultra 5G, Zero X Pro, Zero X
  • The Infinix Hot Series: Hot 30 Play, Hot 30, Hot 30i NFC, Hot 12 Play, Hot 20i, Hot 20s
  • The Infinix Smart Series: Smart 7 Plus, Smart 6 Plus, Smart 7HD, Smart 6HD

Affordability in prices for budget phones to mid-range phones, and variety in shape & style, color, and performance make Infinix a great mobile phone brand in Kenya. Genuine Infinix accessories such as fast chargers, earbuds, earphones, BT speakers, and headphones are all available at affordable prices.

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Infinix Note 40 Pro 4G

Original price was: KSh 38,000.Current price is: KSh 36,500.

Infinix Hot 40i

KSh 14,000KSh 19,500

Infinix Smart 8

KSh 11,500KSh 13,500

XDM52 USB-A to Micro Cable

Original price was: KSh 250.Current price is: KSh 100.

XDL53A USB-A Cable

Original price was: KSh 250.Current price is: KSh 150.

Infinix Buds Neo XE-26

Original price was: KSh 2,500.Current price is: KSh 2,300.

Infinix Buds Lite XE-23

Original price was: KSh 2,000.Current price is: KSh 1,800.

Infinix Buds Neo XE-27

Original price was: KSh 2,700.Current price is: KSh 2,500.

Infinix Hot 40 Pro

Original price was: KSh 27,000.Current price is: KSh 25,000.

Infinix Note 40 4G

Original price was: KSh 31,000.Current price is: KSh 30,500.

Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G

Original price was: KSh 48,500.Current price is: KSh 46,500.

Infinix Note 40 Pro

Original price was: KSh 45,000.Current price is: KSh 36,000.
Infinix Hot 40 4G
Sold out

Infinix Hot 40 4G

Original price was: KSh 26,500.Current price is: KSh 23,500.
Infinix Note 30 Pro

Infinix Note 30 Pro

Original price was: KSh 45,000.Current price is: KSh 20,000.

Infinix Hot 30

Original price was: KSh 26,500.Current price is: KSh 14,500.
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