OnePlus Buds 2 Pro

OnePlus Buds 2 Pro Key Features

  • Driver: 11 mm woofer and a 6 mm
  • Colors: Arbor Green, Misty White, and Obsidian Black
  • ANC: Yes
  • Touch Controls: Supported
  • Waterproof: IP5 Rating
  • App: HeyMelody App
  • Battery: 39 Hours of Playback
  • Fast Charging: supported

KSh 25,800 KSh 26,000

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Oneplus Buds 2 Pro

Oneplus Buds 2 Pro wireless price in Kenya is Kes 25,900. The earbuds tap into classy and eye-pleasing modern aesthetics and feature 3 unique colorways: Arbor Green, Misty White, and Obsidian Black. A smooth, tactile NCL matte coating and polished indium sticks hit all the right notes for a visual appearance that emphasizes premium class. OnePlus’s MelodyBoost Dual Drivers were co-created with Dynaudio to deliver a premium listening experience tailormade for audiophiles, featuring crisp vocals and deeper, dynamic bass.  Buy the OnePlus Buds 2 Pro at Phoneplace Kenya.

Unique Selling Points

The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 offers several unique selling points, which make them stand out.

  • Comfortable Design: The rounded and soft design ensures a good fit and seal. While comfort varies from person to person, many users find them comfortable for extended use.
  • Dual Drivers: The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 features two drivers — an 11 mm woofer and a 6 mm tweeter — co-designed with Dynaudio. This combination enhances sound quality and provides a more immersive audio experience.
  • Spatial Audio Support: These earbuds support Google’s spatial audio, which creates a 3D-like soundstage for a more realistic listening experience.
  • Customizable Sound: You can fine-tune the audio using the built-in equalizer (EQ). The automatic Audio ID 2.0 feature also adapts the sound profile based on your hearing preferences1.
  • Noise Reduction: The OnePlus Buds Pro 2 offers up to -48 dB noise reduction, helping you enjoy your music without distractions from the outside world.
  • Battery Life: With 39 hours of total battery life (without active noise cancellation) or 25 hours with ANC, these earbuds keep you connected throughout the day.

OnePlus Buds Pro 2 Features, Technical Specifications, and Price in Kenya

Brand OnePlus
Product Name Buds 2 Pro
IP Rating Buds: IP5

Case: IPX4

Drivers 11 mm woofer and a 6 mm tweeter — co-designed with Dynaudio.
  • Connectivity
Bluetooth v5.2

LHDC 4.0 Codec

Google Fast Painting

  • ANC
Supported, up to 48dB

3 noise cancellation modes:

  • Faint
  • Smart
  • Extreme.
App OnePlus HeyMelody App
Software BassWave Algorithm
Battery ·       39 Hours of Playback

·       Fast Charging supported: A 10-minute charge gives you 10 hours of playback

·       Wireless charging supported

Colors Arbor Green, Misty White, and Obsidian Black.
Price Kes 25,900

Detailed Product Description

Design and Colorways

The Buds Pro 2 comes in two variants: the high variant in Arbor Green and Obsidian Black, and the standard variant in Obsidian Black and Misty White. They feature a sophisticated semi-matte two-tone sheen and a stem-style design. The smooth, tactile NCL matte coating and polished indium stocks hit all the right notes for a visual experience that screams high class and premium experience.

Audio Drivers and Superior Audio

Each earpiece houses an 11mm woofer for handling lower frequencies and a 6mm tweeter for higher frequencies. OnePlus MelodyBoost Dual Drivers are co-created with Dynaudio to deliver a premium listening experience tailormade for audiophiles, featuring crisp vocals and deeper, dynamic bass.

Get immersed in the groover with OnePlus’ new BassWave algorithm that intelligently controls your bass for deeper lows.

The upgraded LHDC 4.0 codec works behind the scenes to ensure seamless Bluetooth audio streaming with magnificent tone and clarity. Keep an eye out for an update to LHDC 5.0 coming soon.

Let OnePlus Audio ID 2.0 create a personalized audio profile with enhanced natural sound, tailored for your ears with a quick and simple ear scan and listening test.

Noise Cancellation

The Buds Pro 2 offers up to 48dB of noise cancellation, with three modes: Faint, Smart, and Extreme. The “Smart” mode adjusts dynamically based on ambient sounds1.

Adaptive Noise Cancellation

Never be disturbed and distracted by noisy environments, with 3 smart noise cancellation modes that seamlessly adapt to your needs, Smart and Extreme. And when you want to let in the outside world, OnePlus’ adapted Transparency Mode allows for clearer conversations and better safety awareness.

Noise Free Ambiance

Take a deep breath and relax with the adaptive Noise Cancellation up to 48Db that tunes to your environment to block out chaos with hyperaccuracy, including high-pitched voices, thanks to the improved intelligent hardware. Start the ear scan with a few quick taps, and you will tune in to your favorite playlist in no time.

Touch Controls

Seamlessly manage your audio with easy touch controls and use the HeyMelody App to change settings and make updates all in one easy-to-use location.

Call Support

Enjoy clearer, smoother calls with the OnePlus Buds 2 Pro. Clear calls are all about the built-in mics. Buds 2 Pro has 3 mics on each earbud for accurately picking up vocals, enhancing noise cancellation, and working in tandem with OnePlus’ improved AI call anti-wind algorithms to filter out background noise, so you do not miss a single word from your friends and loved ones.


Connectivity is mainly by Bluetooth.  OnePlus Buds Pro 2 comes installed with Bluetooth 5.3 with support for LHDC, AAC, and SBC codecs. Dual connection and Google Fast Pair are also available. You can connect up to 2 Bluetooth devices with ease.

Water Resistance

When things get wet and sweaty, OnePlus Buds Pro 2 has IP5 water resistance for buds and IPX4 for the case, to ensure your listening experience does not get washed out.


The built-in battery just keeps giving, providing you worry-free long hours to calls and a great awesome listing experience to music and entertainment.

It offers:

  • 39 hours (Case + Earbuds ANC off)
  • 9 hours (Earbuds only ANC off)
  • 25 hours (Case + Earbuds ANC on)
  • 6 Hours (Earbuds only ANC on)

A 10-minute charge gives you 10 hours of playback (combined earbuds and case) with ANC off.

If you are not a fan of cables, Buds 2 Pro supports Qi-Certified wireless charging.

Special Features: on OnePlus Buds Pro 2

  • Spatial Audio: Supported on OnePlus 2 (more models in the future).
  • OnePlus Audio ID 2.0: Customizable sound settings.
  • Touch Controls: Various gestures for playback, calls, noise reduction, and more.
  • Neck Health: A feature to remind you to take breaks during extended listening sessions
  • Buds Pro 2 works seamlessly with OnePlus phones, unlocking additional features

Pros and Cons of OnePlus Buds 2 Pro

  • Detailed Treble and Rich Bass: The earbuds deliver clear treble and satisfying bass, enhancing your music experience.
  • Great Features with OnePlus Phones: When paired with a OnePlus phone, you get extra perks like Spatial Audio, personalized sound, and Find My Headphones support.
  • Smart Design with Good Controls: The Buds Pro 2 has a sleek design and convenient touch controls.
  • Future-Proofed LE Audio Support: They support next-gen Bluetooth LE Audio, ensuring compatibility with future devices.
  • Mid-Range Sound Letdown: Unfortunately, the mid-range sound quality doesn’t match the best wireless earbuds in a similar price range. Songs lack energy and clarity in this range.
  • Limited Features on Other Devices: While great with OnePlus phones, some features are limited when used with non-OnePlus devices.
  • No On-Device Volume Control: You must adjust the volume through your connected device.
  • Average Battery Life: The battery life is decent but not exceptional.


If you are a OnePlus fan who wants the latest tricks, the Buds Pro 2 is a good choice. It combines a great design, future-proofed LE Audio support detailed treble, and rich bass to offer a unique and optimized audio experience to you once powered and plugged in. However, if sound quality is your top priority, there are better options available for a similar price. Notably, the mid-range sound is a letdown, besides a limited use of features on non-OnePlus smartphones, lack of on-device volume control, and below-par battery. Keep in mind that the OnePlus Buds 3 is also worth considering, especially if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option.

Alternative Wireless Earbuds

  • Nothing CMF Buds Pro
  • OnePlus Nord Buds 2R
  • JBL Live Flex
  • Beats Fit Pro

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