OnePlus Buds

OnePlus Buds features in Kenya

  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Wireless Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0
  • True Wireless: Yes
  • Built-In Microphone: Yes
  • Headphone Fit : In-Ear
  • Earbud: 35mAh
  • Case: 430mAh
  • Color: White, Gray, Nord Blue

KSh 13,500 KSh 14,500

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OnePlus Buds

The OnePlus Buds come in three color options, White, Gray, and Nord Blue. They cost around 13,500 shillings in Kenya. This price is way affordable than that of the Galaxy Buds Live. The OnePlus Buds are like the AirPods Pro with a stem design which makes them handy for call quality. You can buy OnePlus Buds in Kenya today at Phone Place Kenya. Let’s get into that.

OnePlus Buds specs and price in Kenya

Price Ksh. 13,500
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Battery 35mAh
Case battery
Comm Wireless
White, Gray, Nord Blue


OnePlus made an AirPod alternative that looks like every other AirPod alternative on the market. This STEM design has proven to be functional. The mic is close to your mouth, the fit fits most people and the amount of ambient sound being let through is enough to still feel a part of the world around you, but also be able to hear your music. So the question for the OnePlus Buds is not about fit and form. But instead, it’s did OnePlus make an AirPod Pro alternative for half of the price that is as reliable and as functional as AirPods? Find out in this review.

OnePlus Buds

So OnePlus Buds come in a pretty plastic oval case that is a bit wider than the case of the Google pixel buds and thicker than the AirPods case. On the bottom, there’s a USB-C port on the back, a pairing button, on the inside magnets hold the buds in the case. They come in black, white and this teal color that is a little bit much of a pop of color. On a full charge.You may also want to see Galaxy Buds

Sound Quality

OnePlus claims that OnePlus Buds have a “Unique noise reduction algorithm, and 3 microphones on each bud to improve clarity.” That sounds like a heck of a claim. But I must mention that the AirPods blow OnePlus Buds out when it comes to noise reduction so be sure to check them out. Let’s also talk about audio quality. OnePlus Buds sound pretty good. The difference in sound quality says side to side with AirPods pro is so minimal if at all there is any. There are 13.4-millimeter drivers in here that can kick.


The OnePlus Buds get you around 7 hours of continuous music playback. And the case holds 30 hours of music playback, which is around four full charges. It takes her 80 minutes to charge the case from 0 – 100%. Guaranteed you will have zero issues with battery life while using these. But as a side note, note there’s no wireless charging in these. See also Galaxy Buds Plus

Water and sweat-resistant

The OnePlus Buds are IPX for water and sweat resistance. These buds will be good in the rain and protected from sweat. A big downfall to these buds though, is that you cannot use one bud independently. And as soon as you take one out your music will pause. and when you put it back in your musical will resume. There’s also no app for these buds And the tap controls out of the box are limited.

OnePlus Buds controls

Double-tap a bud to skip to the next song, or hold down on a bud for 3 seconds to switch between sync devices. And that’s it. OnePlus claims that in late July one, OnePlus phones will be pushed a software update, allowing them to choose their preferred action for double-tapping. Including pausing music, jumping to the track, or activating the Google assistant. But that’s only for OnePlus devices.


Let’s wrap this up. Are the OnePlus Buds a half-priced AirPods alternative that is reliable and functional? Yes! Yes, they are. And if you are an OnePlus user, you’re going to have full control over these. But for everybody else, there is a massive market of buds. Be sure to check them out. Some may have a little bit more functionality than these do. Visit the official product website by following the highlighted link.

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