Huawei Band 4e


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  • Internal Storage:
  • Build: Band body + Strap
  • Battery: 77 mAh
  • Display: 0.5 inches
  • Processor: 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2
  • Colors: Misty Grey, Sakura Coral, Seaweed Green, Ceylon Yellow, Alizarin Red, Cobalt Violet
  • OS: Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 above

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Huawei Band 4e

Buy the latest smart bands and smart watches at Phone Place Kenya. This will be a quick review of Huawei’s latest fitness tracker Huawei Band 4e. The bottom section of this review features a comprehensive list of Huawei Band 4e’s specification and features. Also be sure to check out other fitness tracker like Huawei Band 4 on our website. That being said, let us begin. 

What is Huawei Band 4e for? 

Well first and foremost Huawei Band 4e is a fitness tracker. A fitness tracker is is a device or application for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or run, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat. It basically is a type of wearable computer. Such is Huawei Band 4e. Whereas fitness trackers can be worn by any one interested in monitoring his or her fitness, Huawei Band 4e targets mostly the Basketball fraternity. But we will not review it in this manner because we feel this band is suitable for an even larger market. But if you are a basketballer you may as well visit click this link to visit Band 4e official website

Dual wearing mode

This is where Band 4e out-stands other bands present in the market. Whereas it is a simple trick than any other band making company can borrow from, I think it is important to praise Huawei for being the first (we think) to implement it. This is the dual wearing mode which allows you to either normally wear the Band 4e on your wrist or otherwise attach it to your trainer’s shoe. Wearing this lightweight band on your wrist will offer activity tracking, sleep monitoring and more smart features. Otherwise attaching it to your shoe with its provided buckle simply press the button to collect precise basketball or running performance statistics. Rock Huawei Band 4e how you want it dear reader, how you want it. 

Get to know  yourself better 

Now it goes without say that anyone rocking Huawei Band 4e must really care for their well-being – all humans should. For what profit is it if you are unwell and sickly? Howbeit this smart band will help you know yourself better in that it provides meticulous monitoring and analyzing of your performance and records your every move. These include detailed result in jump, sprint, lower-body strength and so on. Care to know how many steps you have taken all day and how many kilometers for have walked? Well do not worry because Huawei Band 4e’s  6-axis motion sensor got you covered. It is able to provide comprehensive and accurate data tracking with an improved accuracy of up to 97%. I say athletes can as well consider Huawei Band 4e a personal running guide. 

Life Assistant 

You can sync your phone with Huawei Band 4e to get notified whenever your there is any activity on your phone. Let us, for example, say you have a just received a message for example and you do cannot or do no want to reach out for your phone. If at all you had paired your smartphone with Band 4e then you can easily access that message from the convenience of your wrist. This is a cool feature right? The best part is that Huawei Band 4e is compatible, that is it can pair with all smartphones running Android 4.4 or later or or iOS 9.0 or later. Get notifications of any messages or phone calls all with a touch of your finger to your wrist. 

Water Resistance 

So you can go swimming or take a shower while still rocking Huawei Band 4e. This is because it complies with 5ATM water resistance. Devices complying with the 5ATM-rated water have a water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means that they may be used for shallow-water activities like swimming in a pool or ocean. 

Battery life 

Huawei Band 4e provides up to 2 weeks of battery life with regular use and 21 days under standby mode. Track your long work outs days without having to worry about running out of power. Such is the peace of mind Huawei Band 4e offers. 

List of Huawei Band 4e cool features 

Steps count, distance measure, calories monitor, moderate to high intensity training, achievement reminder, single workout distance, single workout time, activity reminder, stand reminder, sleep time reminder, alarm, message reminder, incoming call notification and find phone feature. 

Features of Huawei Band 4e

Dimensions Body: 40.5 mm x 14.8 mm x 11.2 mm (H x W x D)Wrist strap: 210 mm x 15 mm (H x W)
Weight Band body + Strap: Approximately 13 gBand body: Approximately 6 g
Colour Misty Grey, Sakura Coral, Seaweed Green, Ceylon Yellow, Alizarin Red, Cobalt Violet
Display PMOLED black-and-white screenResolution: 48 x 88 pixel 

Dimensions: 0.5 inches (11.244 mm x 6.124 mm in AA zone)

Sensors 6-axis motion sensor
Battery Capacity: 77 mAh
Type: non-removable lithium battery
Charging time: less than 120 min (at temperature about 25 °C)

Battery life:
Theoretical battery life: 14 days (according to the Huawei lab model)
Theoretical standby time: 21 days
Material Body:
Front cover: PC + ABS / PC + PC
Rear cover: ABS / PC

Wrist strap: PET (Recycled Yarn)
Shoe buckle: PC + PA + GF
External port Adopts the pogo pins charging solution, and a USB-to-pogopin charging cradle is provided.
Microprocessor  32-bit ARM Cortex-M4
1 MB Flash
AES 128-bit encryption ARM Cortex-M4
Environment Operating temperature: -10 °C to + 45 °C
Waterproof level 5ATM
Bluetooth  Bluetooth frequency: 2.4 GHz
Bluetooth 4.2
Maximum Bluetooth connection distance: 10 m (in an open area)
Button One capacitance home button
In the box Band
Charging cradle
Shoe buckle
Quick Start Guide, safety information, and warranty card

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