AmazFit Active Edge

Key Features of AmazFit Active Edge

  • Size: 46.62*46.62*12mm
  • Weight: 34g
  • Display: 32 inches TFT
  • Waterproof Grading: 10 ATM
  • Operating System: Zepp OS 2.0
  • App: Zepp App
  • Sports Modes: 132
  • Colour: Lava Black, Midnight Pulse, Mint Green
  • Battery: 370mAh

KSh 21,000 KSh 26,500

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AmazFit Active Edge in Kenya

AmaZFit Active Edge’s price in Kenya is kes 21,000. The watch measures 46.62*46.62*12mm (without the heart rate base) and weighs 34g.  It has a 1.32-inch TFT display with Glass material + anti-fingerprint coating and 360*360 pixels resolution. The Zepp OS 2.0 helps maximize your active lifestyle, i.e., you can tailor your app list to your dream smartwatch experience with a vast range of downloadable apps and fun games.

With over 130+ sports modes, AmaZFit Active Edge has excellent health, lifestyle, and sporting features for your benefit, such as the Zepp App, Zepp Azure, PeakBeats, and Zepp Coach. Take advantage of the installed sensors: BioTracker PPG biometric sensor, Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, 5 Satellite positioning systems, and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE for best user experience.

The smartwatch has a 370mAh battery that provides up to 16 days of typical usage time. It is now available at Phoneplace Kenya in Lava Black, Midnight Pulse, and Mint Green color variants. Please order and buy today online or visit our shop in Nairobi CBD.

AmazFit Specifications, Features, and Price in Kenya

Brand AmazFit
Name Active Edge
Design ·       Colours: Lava Black, Midnight Pulse, Mint Green

·       Dimensions: 46.62×46.62x12mm (without heart rate base)

·       Weight: 34g

·       Body Material: Dual Color Plastic

·       Buttons: 4

·       Water Resistance: 10 ATM

·       Strap: Semi Tranparent TPU, 22mm (width), 140 mm-205 mm (wrist dimensions), Classic Pin Buckle.

Display ·       Material: TFT

·       Size: 1.32 inches

·       Resolution: 360*360 pixels

·       PPI: ~277

·       Touch screen: Glass material + anti-fingerprint coating

Operating System Zepp OS 2.0
Application Zepp App
Lifestyle Features ·       Convenience: to-do list, events reminder, customizable quick access menus, alternate App Layouts

·       Smartphone assistance: Bluetooth phone music control, phone call notifications, SMS notifications, Bluetooth camera control (iOS only), notification quick replies (Android only), synchronize, do not disturb, find my phone.

·       Time: Alarm Clock, Stopwatch

·       Daily Life: Weather, Sedentary Reminders, Screen lock and Password, Morning Updates, Do Not Disturb

Sports Features ·       Sports Coach: Zepp Coach

·       Advanced Running Support: Track Run mode, Smart trajectory correction, Virtual pacer, Race achievement predictions

·       Navigation Support: Route file import (via Zepp App), Real-time navigation

·       Template Creation: Training templates (via the Zepp App), Interval training (via the watch)

·       Sports Convenience: Conditional pause

·       Sync to 3rd Party Fitness Apps: Adidas Running, Strava, komoot, Relive, Google Fit, Apple Health

·       Sports Modes: 132

·       Workout Status: PeakBeats

Health Features ·       24 Hours Monitoring: Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation, Stress Levels

·       Manual Measurement: Heart rate, Blood-oxygen saturation, Stress level, Test 4 Metrics in 1 Tap (including Breathing rate)

·       Breathing Exercise: Breathing Exercises

·       Health Reminders: Abnormally high & low heart rate, Low blood-oxygen, high-stress level. Prompts to perform stress-reducing breathing exercises.

·       Sleep Quality Monitoring, Sleep stages (including REM), Daytime naps, Sleep schedule, Sleep breathing quality, and Sleep score. Other Health Features

·       PAI health assessment system: Swimming heart rate monitoring, Heart rate recovery, Menstrual cycle tracking sports

s Modes ·       Running & walking: Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Indoor walking, Track Run

·       Cycling: Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, BMX

·       Swimming: Pool swimming, Open water swimming

·       Outdoor workouts: Rock climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Skateboarding, Roller skating, Parkour.

·       Indoor sports: Elliptical, Rowing machine, Stair-climbing Machine, Stair stepper, Spinning, Indoor fitness, Mixed aerobics, Cross-training, Aerobics, Group calisthenic

·       Dance: Square dance, Ballroom dance, Belly dance, Ballet, Street dance, Zumba, Latin dance, Jazz dance, Hip-hop dance, Pole dance, Break dance, Folk dance, Dance, Modern dance, Disco, Tap dance

·       Combat sports: Boxing, Wrestling, Martial arts, Tai Chi, Muay Thai, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, Fencing, Jiu-Jitsu, Kendo

·       Ball sports: Soccer, Beach Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Beach volleyball, Baseball, Softball and others

·       Water sports: Surfing, Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding, Outdoor boating, Sailing and others

·       Winter sports: Outdoor skating, Indoor skating, Curling

·       Leisure sports: Hula hooping, Frisbee, Darts, Kite flying, Tug-of-war, Jianzi kicking, Esports, Air walker, Swing, Shuffleboard, Foosball, Motion sensing game

·       Board & card games: Chess, Checkers, Go, Bridge, Board game

·       Others: Jumping rope, Archery, Equestrianism, Triathlon, Multisport

Sensors ·       Health: BioTracker PPG biometric sensor

·       Movement: Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor

·       Positioning: 5 Satellite positioning systems

·       Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

Supported Devices Android 7.0 and above, iOS 14.0 and above
Battery ·       Battery Capacity: 370 mAh (rated value)

·       Charging Method: Magnetic charging base

·       Theoretical Charging Duration: Approx. 2 hours

·       Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life: Up to 16 days

·       Battery Saver Mode Battery Life: Up to 24 days

·       Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life: Up to 10 days

·       Continuous GPS Usage: Up to 20 hours

Product Description

Zepp Coach

Using AI, edge ahead of others with Zepp Coach. It provides personalized training programs and workout guidance, which help enhance your fitness, health, and well-being. With the app, you can:

  • Personalize your schedule
  • Target your training
  • Manage your interest
  • Understand your progress.

Sports Modes

Enjoy over 130+ Sports Modes on the AmazFIR Active Edge smartwatch. Hit the streets with your skateboard or BMX.  Go ahead and make the basketball court your own.  You can opt to chill and chat with friends and a frisbee. Whatever activity you want, the watch has got you covered.

Strength Training Mode

Better than any gym buddy, the Amazfit Active Edge comes with an intelligent Strength Training mode that can:

  • Auto-detect 25 exercise types.
  • Track your reps, sets, and rest times.
  • Sum up every exercise and muscle group hit during your session in a post-workout log.


Get serious about fitness. Give yourself an edge that challengers can only dream of with a post-workout summary of specialized data.

Share your Adventures and Activities

You can sync activity data to online communities like Adidas Running, Strava, komoot, and Relive, and smartphone apps like Apple Health and Google Fit via the Zepp App.

Waterproof Rating

AmazFit Active Edge is splashproof and waterproof, with a 10 ATMS rating. The 10 ATM water-resistance grade means the watch can endure the equivalent of up to 100 meters of water pressure. As such, you can dive with it in the pool, take a deep down the ocean, and surf with it without any problem.

GPS Tracking

The accurate, timely, and valuable GPS installed lets you track the country and city with the AmazFit Active Edge strapped on your wrist. Get adventurous and easily explore new grounds, thanks to ultra-strong and precise GPS tracking provided by five satellite positioning systems.

Zepp Aura

Rest easier and recover better with Zepp Aura, which helps monitor your sleep and ensure quality rest time. Zepp Aura creates customized music that intelligently adjusts based on real-time data from your AmazFit Active Edge because your body deserves the best rest.

Along with sounds that help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality, Zepp Aura provides detailed sleep reports, powerful insights, and meditation and relaxation soundscapes.

Health Monitoring

The watch helps you keep track of your health. Stay informed with timely and accurate health monitoring. These include:

  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Heart Rate
  • Breathing Rate

Based on the data and analysis provided, you can take the necessary steps to improve your health and well-being, including medical intervention and living a healthier lifestyle.

Zepp OS 2.0

Maximize your active lifestyle with the power-efficient and easy-to-use Zepp OS 2.0. Tailor your app list to your dream smartwatch experience with a vast range of downloadable apps and fun games.

The Zepp App

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the Zepp App conducts health and fitness data analysis, features watch face and app stores, provides system updates for your watch, and much more.

Battery and Power Performance

Enjoy battery longevity as you traverse the country, take up new adventures, and have fun with the 370mAh battery that provides ten days of heavy usage, 24 days of battery saver mode,  and 16 days of typical usage battery life. Recharge the lithium battery using the provided Type C cable using Magnetic Charging Base technology.

What is in the Box

  • Smartwatch (including standard strap)
  • Magnetic charging base
  • Instruction manual.

Pros and Cons of AmaZFit Active Edge

  • Designed and built for the rugged lifestyle
  • Battery longevity up to 16 days of typical use
  • Can handle deep-sea diving up to 100m
  • GPS Navigability support
  • Comes packed with a multitouch Glass material + anti-fingerprint coating
  • Powerful Zepp OS 2.0 and Zepp Apps that help maximize your lifestyle
  • Multiple sensors: BioTracker PPG biometric sensor, Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, 5 Satellite positioning systems, and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE for best user experience, which helps maximize user experience.
  • Alerts you when calls and SMS come through on your smartphone
  • No GSM support
  • Limited memory-RAM
  • No Wi-Fi support
  • Can not be used to answer calls

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  • Oraimo Watch 3 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5
  • AmazFit Balance

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