Galaxy AI: Samsung’s Smart Boost for Your Everyday

If you’ve used a Samsung device recently, you might have noticed some seriously cool features. Seamless photo editing, real-time language translation, and even help to summarize long articles – this is all thanks to Galaxy AI. But what exactly is it, and how does it change your Samsung experience?

What is Galaxy AI?

Galaxy AI is a suite of built-in and cloud-based AI features that unleash creativity, increase productivity and unlock a world of possibilities across the Galaxy family. Life opens up with Galaxy AI.

What Can Galaxy AI Do?

Galaxy AI isn’t just about flashy features; it’s about making your life easier and more fun. Here are some examples of what it can do:

  • Search made simple: A new way to search is here: Circle to Search with Google. While scrolling or watching videos, use your finger to circle items and get Google Search results.
  • In-ear translations, in-person conversations: No need to pass your phone back and forth. Get translations right in your ear while using features like Interpreter when you connect Buds to your Galaxy device.
  • Take a great photo. Then make it better: For effortless editing, leave it to Photo Assist. Take a photo and open it in the Gallery to see AI suggestions that help you polish your pics in just a few taps.

Galaxy AI Smartphones

Bring Galaxy AI with you on the device that matters most. Snap low-light pics from afar with Nightography Zoom, edit them with ease using Photo Assist, and get real-time translations with Live Translate.

How Do I Use Galaxy AI?

Most Galaxy AI features are seamlessly integrated into your device. For example, you might see a photo editing suggestion pop up when you’re viewing a picture, or you can activate translation tools directly from your camera app.

To explore all the possibilities, check out the Galaxy AI section in your device settings or look for specific features within your favorite apps.

The Future is Smart

Galaxy AI is just one example of how artificial intelligence is transforming our everyday lives. As technology advances, we can expect even more amazing features and capabilities to enhance our Samsung devices.

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